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Idukki, a land-locked district, is counted in the list of most stunning, calm, and tranquil destinations in Kerala. At Idukki, you cuddle tenderly in the lap of impeccably magnificent natural beauty.

Nature showers its majestically enchanting grace in every nook and corner of this utopia. Besides, you also come across numerous astounding mushroom cultivation and dairy farming here, as most of its inhabitants rely on agriculture. There are several areas in the district which are untouched by humans and hence, remain endlessly capped in mist and greenery all round the year. If you deeply explore Idukki, you will encounter ceaselessly dark regions because of dense forests engulfing them.

The waters of Idukki are translucent and pure. Apart from these miraculous scenic charms, there are as array of places in Idukki which make this locale a paradise of kerala. Some of the varied and attracting sites of Idukki are given below.

Popular tourist hubs like thommankuthu, malakara dam, idukki and vagamon lie in close proximity to Thodupuzha and are therefore easily accessible from Moonlit Regency. Explore the charm of maiden locales better with comfort zone so close at hand

60 km from Hotel

The Idukki arch dam is constructed across the flabbergasting kuravan and kurathi hills.

It is the world's second and asia's first arch dam. The Idukki dam is situated near the cheruthoni barrage and extents to an altitude of 550 ft with a width of 650 ft. visitors can enjoy pedal boating in the river. The dam proves to be a unique, fascinating, and appreciable site in Idukki.

Further, you can visit kulamavu dam, situated to its west, and Idukki wildlife sanctuary located nearby.

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Malankara dam is an attraction in the Idukki district, very near Thodupuzha. It is an artificial lake formed as part of Muvattupuzha valley irrigation Project.

It has facilities for boating and fishing and thus is fast gaining repute as a tourism attraction.

The irrigation department is planning to allow permission to visitors to stroll along the pathway atop the dam to glimpse the scenery around.

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Thommankuthu waterfalls located near Thodupuzha, the gateway to the high ranges is fast becoming an upcoming tourist destination.

The misty thommankuthu waterfalls greet with tremendously ravishing vistas of the water, rolling down from startling altitudes. This waterfall cascades down in seven tiers with a pool at each step.

The divine beauty of these waterfalls attracts a large number of tourists annually. The surroundings of the waterfalls are dotted with extreme natural glory and lush greenery.

The spectacular and captivating charm of waterfalls, striking the ground from great altitude thrills visitors. The site is a perfect picnic spot, full of fascination and enjoyment.

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Ilaveezhapoonjira as the name suggests is a valley without falling leaves. This does not mean that the trees here do not shed their leaves but that there are no trees on this summit.

It is a spectacular spot near Thodupuzha and is ideal for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Its engulfed in mist during the mornings and evenings. From the top of the summit, one can see the lowlands below and the Malankara dam and reservoir

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Vagamon is a hill station located in Kottayam- Idukki border of Kerala. It has a cool climate with the temperature between 10-23°C during a summer midday. It is situated 1,100 metres above sea level.

Vagamon is a tiny plantation township in central travancore, vagamon has an overtone of green. With a never-ending line of lush green hills, breathtaking ravines and meandering rivulets. A perfect tourist place situated 1200 meters above the sea level spot surrounded by the greenery of tea gardens , fresh cool air, murmuring pine forest ,small waterfalls , attractive meadows inviting you to vagamon.

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Periyar tiger reserve is situated in the cardamom hills of the western ghats in the state of kerala.

Centred on a vast artificial lake created by the british in1895 to supply water to the drier parts of neighboring Tamil Nadu, the periyar tiger reserve lies at altitudes of between 900m and 1800m and is correspondingly cool with temperature ranging from 15°C to 31°C.

The splendid artificial lake formed by the mullaperiyar dam across the periyar river is the centre piece of the sanctuary and occupies 5,500-hectares. dead tree trunks that jut out of the waters are the remnants of the submerged low-lying forest. along the fringes of the lake are marshy areas with tall grasslands.

This is one of the richest habitats of large mammals, as it provides both excellent cover and nourishment in the form of succulent shoots and grasses. Here it is possible to see large herds of Indian elephant with relative ease as well as nilgiri langur near the Liontail macaque in higher areas.

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